After nearly 20 years in the cleaning product industry, we were frustrated with the performance of most traditional laundry detergents. Products designed for general cleaning and stain removal, while good for everyday cleaning, tended to fall short when the cleaning jobs got tough.
We decided to harness our collective chemistry knowledge and set out to create the best possible laundry detergents for each specific customer challenge. Whether it was removing odours from fitness clothing, safely cleaning delicate items, or getting the chlorine smell out of swimwear and towels, each challenge requiring very different chemistry.  
And that’s when RENUE was born. Laundry Detergents without compromise.

Whether it’s yoga gear, your favorite jersey, or that cotton t-shirt you can’t give up, Renue has you covered. Our Incredible Sport Wash is the best laundry detergent for sweat odour —completely removes body oils and odours caused by sweat and bacteria. Our intense formula leaves no residue, restoring the breathability and sweat-wicking of your gear. You work hard, your detergent should work hard too.

Incredible Product For Spandex/Lycra

I've been on a hunt for specialized laundry detergent for some time now that could address my dissatisfaction with traditional laundry detergents when cleaning sport specific fabrics like spandex and lycra... and well I'm extremely impressed with the cleaning performance of this product after the first use. All traces of odors were neutralized and the fabric itself didn't feel stiff or crusty after being air dried. I would highly recommend anyone looking to clean sport fabrics like spandex and lycra definitely give this stuff a try. Well worth the investment.


Removes The Musty Smell And Hockey Stink

I love how this wash removes the musty smell from my exercise clothes. I thought I was going to have to buy new gear but after washing with this product my clothes no longer have the musty smell. Definitely worth trying if you are in the same situation. I have also used it on my kids hockey gear with great results.

-Jillian Fenik

Renue Gentle Delicates Wash uses only the mildest of detergents to freshen and restore fabrics. In addition, it helps to condition and soften water, transforming your washing machine into an environment your clothes will love. Our gentle detergent is designed for lingerie, washable woolens, lycra, hosiery, nylon, silk, linen, swimwear, and other delicate laundry, Renue Gentle Delicates Wash will preserve the look, shape, and feel of the laundry you love the most.


I picked this up out of curiosity after finding (and loving) the swim wash. So glad I did, my light bras look even cleaner now, seems to get those sweaty stains out.

-Amazon Customer

Great Product!

This is the first time that I ordered this product & I'm very pleased & pleasantly surprised!

Washed my delicates really well with a beautiful fragrance that lasts...highly recommended!


The harmful effects of chlorine and salt can damage your swimwear, leaving it looking faded and tired. Renue Swimwear Wash completely neutralizes chlorine and salt, as well as strips away lotions, sunscreen and body oils that can reduce the elasticity of your gear. Keep your colours looking brighter longer with our swimsuit cleaner.

Way Better Than Expected

No chlorine smell left! Really impressed. Kids swim often and I’ve been trying to find something to get rid of the pool smell and keep their suits from falling apart. Tried others, not nearly as good. I’ll be buying more!!

-Amazon Customer

Removes The Chlorine Without Damaging Your Swimwear

This wash is perfect for removing the chlorine and chemicals from your bathing suits. If you have a hot tub or swimming pool this product is for you as it will help to extend the life of your bathing suit. My bathing suits are lasting so much longer now without any discolouration or stretching.

-Jillian Fenik

Over time, hard water scale and fabric softener build-up can cause your towels to lose absorbency. That trapped build-up can cause odours, leaving your towels feeling less than fresh. Renue Mighty Towel Refresher is best laundry detergent for odors. It strips away build-up and eliminates odours, leaving your towels feeling new again.

Great Towel Detergent

Nice packaging and it was easy to find the scoop inside. I did a full load with towels, washroom mats and washable shower curtain in hot water. The towels were surprisingly fresh. I put it to the test and my towel lasted 5+ days after daily use. I have had the towel for years and usually it will only last 3 days before I need to switch it. There isn't a strong scent; I used a fabric sheet like I usually do with my laundry. Overall, great product. I have already purchased my next bag for when I run out.

-Cam Grant

Fantastic Product

Fantastic product. Towels are more absorbent and smell great longer. We have been able to go to once every 2 weeks for washing the towels.

An added bonus, it makes the old towels used for the dog's bath feel like new and it can cope with the smelly dog scent!

-Martin and Liz Vince