Our swimwear cleaner eliminates the damaging effects of chlorine and salt on your swimwear and towels, while also removing odours. Our top-rated laundry detergent is designed for beach and pool towels, and all types of swimwear.

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  • Remove odors and stop the damage caused by chlorine and salt water.
  • Use when washing swimwear and beach and pool towels. 

The harmful effects of chlorine and salt can damage your swimwear, leaving it looking faded and tired. RENÜE Swimwear Wash completely neutralizes chlorine and salt, as well as strips away lotions, sunscreen, and body oils that can reduce the elasticity of your gear. Keep your swimsuit’s colours looking brighter longer, and allow your suit to fit like a glove all summer long. If you’re looking for how to wash swimsuits, you’re in the right place. Shop our top-rated detergent and swimsuit cleaner today! 

Ingredients: sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium benzenesulfonate, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.


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