Our top-rated laundry detergent removes unpleasant mold and mildew odours and restores lost absorbency. Finally, get rid of stinky towels! This detergent is designed for bath, hand, dish, and other types of towels.

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  • Top-rated laundry detergent to get rid of stinky towels.
  • Specially formulated for bath, hand, dish, and other types of towels.

Over time, hard water scale and fabric softener build-up can cause your towels to lose absorbency, which can attract mold and mildew, leaving your towels feeling and smelling less than fresh. RENÜE Mighty Towel Refresher laundry detergent strips away build-up and eliminates mold and mildew odours, leaving your towels feeling new again. Say “goodbye” to smelly towels with RENÜE Mighty Towel Refresher!

Ingredients: citric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium benzenesulfonate, fragrance


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