Oil absorbing sponge for hot tubs attracts pollen while absorbing body oils, suntan lotion, hair products, and make-up. This sponge will not get clogged in the tub’s water lines and increases filter life. 

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  •  Hot tub oil absorber helps reduce scum lines and build-up in hot tubs.
  • Oil absorbing sponge will not get clogged in water lines. 

The EVERclear hot tub oil absorber sponge absorbs 40 times its weight in body oils, suntan lotions, hair products and make-up that can collect in hot tubs. As a result, scum lines and build-up are reduced, as well as foul odours and foaming. Our oil-absorbing sponge will not get clogged in the water lines and it attracts pollen as it increases the life of the hot tub’s filter. Always enjoy your time relaxing when you use the EVERclear hot tub oil absorber — shop today! 


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