About Us

What We Do

Oxi Brite is an industry leading manufacturer of traditional and green private label cleaning products and detergents. Our specialty is keeping pace with market trends and identifying opportunities for branded and private label growth. We are continuously creating ways to help our customers develop, market and launch new products, or refresh existing items.

What We Believe

At Oxi Brite as an industry leader, we here believe in putting together products and programs for retailers that fit their customers needs. Whether that is a new environmentally preferred line, maybe a unique packaging or even an innovative formulation, we believe it is important to match products to our customer’s goals and their specific consumers unique preferences.

The Environment

Oxi Brite is committed to the environment. While not all of our products are marketed as “green,” we make considerable efforts to utilize sustainable raw materials and minimize waste and energy consumption in the manufacturing process. In addition, we offer a wide range of EcoLogo certified formulations and 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.



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- All Purpose -

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- Disinfectants -

The Environment

- Stain Removers (Powder/Liquid) -

- Fabric Softener -

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- Machine Cleaners -

- Oxygen Bleach -



Environmentally Friendly Private Label

Oxi Brite was one of the first companies in North America to develop a line of private-label, eco-friendly products.

In addition to our facility being UL/EcoLogo approved, we offer a complete line of certified formulations.

We utilize naturally derived ingredients, essential oils, and natural fragrances.